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Powerlet - Tigertracks Luggage Electrics







We have the kits to wire your Motorcycle Luggage

Tiger Tracks - Wired & Ready

Tiger Tracks – Tank Bag Wired & Ready



Powerlet - TigerTracks - Tank Bag Connection Kit

Tank/Saddle Bag Wiring Kit – everything you need in one kit

Mounts conveniently into any tank bag or saddlebag (soft or hard sided luggage). Easy to install, this waterproof connector permits power to be passed through the luggage wall. Includes Luggage. Electrix connector, PAC-026 Cigarette, SAE connector and 48″ battery harness. Patented.


Power Anything!

Ideal for powering cell phones, GPS units, radar detectors, satellite radios, air compressors and other electrical gadgets. The connector can be installed into tankbags, top cases (tourpacks) or saddlebags. Power can come from an SAE battery lead, a Powerlet® outlet or from a battery charger SAE lead. Patented.