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Bike Advert Info

To place a Bike, Spares or Parts advert on the Tiger Tracks website we need the following:

Pictures: At least one good quality picture of around 1000 x 750 pixels (don’t worry too much about the size as we can re size them for you but if they are too big they will not upload) you can put up to 9 pictures on each listing.

Bike Description: Very well maintained, never ridden in the rain, new tires, full history, lots of factory accessories, competition exhaust etc etc (you get the idea)

Make: Triumph (your make) select from drop down “Category” box

Model: Tiger 800 XC ABS (your model) this goes where it says “Ad Title”

Year: 2012 (your bike year) remember to put the year of manufacture in

Colour: Orange/Black (your bike colour) pictures should be a giveaway !!

Mileage: 16,000 (actual on clock) put mileage in description

Condition: Very good, (give your honest opinion) again in description

Price: $8,500 (your asking price) what you want for the bike

Location: Orlando, Florida, USA (your town/city, state/county, country)

Title yes/no: Tell if you have clear Title of Ownership (i.e no finance)

Don’t forget your contact info – these are mandatory fields

For an example see this page – this is what your page will look like

We can check the advert over and correct anything that needs doing for you

If you want to place an advert for parts or accessories use the above and leave out the relevant colour/mileage etc. chose either Spare Parts or Accessories sections

Payment: $15 for the insertion of a private advert for Bikes, $5 for Spares or Accessories. You can pay by PayPal with your credit card so your payment is security protected, you will be asked for payment as you complete the advert

If you have any problems with listings e-mail us directly: saleslistings@tigertracks.us

And if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

Remember that your listing does not expire*, it does not get moved out or lost among thousand of other adverts, it’s on the site until sold or you request it’s removal & your adverts can be self edited at anytime.

* The listing will say for 1 year but if not sold it will renew for free, this does not apply if you have removed the bike/advert and then want to re-list it.

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