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ADV Rider Forum – The site of Adventure seeking motorcyclists worldwide

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ADVrider was created to support the horizon-chasing adventure motorcycling community. Because of that, we support free-wheeling thinking, great pictures and stories, those who aren’t afraid to turn a wrench (and those who have turned them with trepidation), and riders who respect the diversity that makes the planet worth traveling.

ADV Rider: “With a diverse list of inmates from around the world, there are going to be diverse viewpoints, and thus a need to keep things from spiraling out of control from time to time when the keyboards occasionally get more attention than the bikes. We’ve created some rules to keep things civil and thoughtful without making the site a bore”

Tiger Tracks comment: We use this website forum, we think it is one of the most useful, interesting and informative sites for ADV Riders, we love the pictures which seem to beckon us all to ride to those places and do those things, if ADV Riding is what you do this forum it a must….

To become part of the ADVrider “Think Tank” and to support it’s purpose just follow this link – Adventure Rider – Ride the World – Forum


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