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Dedicated to Safe, Long Distance Motorcycle Riding

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The 53,000+ members of the Iron Butt Association are dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. Although based in the United States, we have thousands of enthusiastic members throughout the globe! One of our more popular slogans is, “The World Is Our Playground.”

Our website is home for hundreds of excellent stories about long-distance riding. One will also find a vast amount of technical information regarding the art and science of long-distance riding. Our most famous document, the IBA “Archive of Wisdom”, contains the collective wisdom and knowledge of some of the most experienced, seasoned long-distance riders in the world!

The Iron Butt Association (IBA) does not have membership in the traditional sense. We do not have yearly dues, formal meetings or a monthly newsletter. The IBA is a little more loose knit organization than most clubs. Generally speaking there are several ways to earn membership. The most notable is to be a finisher of the Iron Butt Rally or a successful finisher of one of the other rides we sponsor, such as the Saddle Sore 1000. Rally workers and supporters are also granted membership status.

To gain more information about The Iron Butt Association please visit our website

For forums & Information available to Iron Butt members – see IBA forums

The Iron Butt Magazine is the ultimate guide to long distance motorcycling 

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The magazine is designed to inform, educate and inspire over 60,000 riders worldwide who strive to keep abreast of the latest technological advances and trends. The process starts with a group of highly talented writers whose work is illustrated by an equally talented pool of graphic artists and photographers. This content is then put into the hands of the magazine’s editors and art director who shape the magazine into its final presentation. The end result is a magazine that contains informative articles, editorials, pictorials, profiles, product reviews, and technical pieces for riders of all skill levels – from experts to novices. It is the only professionally produced periodical of its kind. More magazine details

Tiger Tracks comment: We are proud members of The Iron Butt Association which as mentioned above is dedicated to Safe, Long Distance Motorcycle Riding. The Association boasts a very strong membership which spans the globe and forms a fraternity among riders of the open road whatever & wherever they ride.

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