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We will be putting questions to Christophe for him to answer and a brief bio of his life and achievements so far, so keep watching.

If you have a question for Christophe let us know so we can feature it here.

Christophe’s Bio

Age: 44 

Hometown: Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Current location: Port Stephens, Australia

Destinations Traveled by Motorcycle: Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, Morrocco, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal, Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States 

Favorite Motorcycle Experience: Crossing the finish line at the 9-day Sertoes Rally race after racing 4 days with food poisoning unable to eat or drink anything

Worst Motorcycle Experience: Having to withdraw from a race 

Languages Spoken Fluently: English, French, Spanish

Motorcycles Owned: KTM Rallyes, Honda CR 125 & 250

Favorite Motorcycle: Honda CR125 – 2 Stroke

Experience/Expertise/Jobs etcManagement and Business Consulting for Government Agencies and Large Corporations

See Christophe’s Dream Racer site 

Christophe Barriere-Varju Dakar  - Tiger TracksMichael from Tiger Tracks asks Christophe a few questions about his bikes, his extreme rides and what motivates him to achieve his goals and to reach for more..

Q. When did you first ride a bike and what make / model / year etc was it ?

My first ever motorcycle bike was a Honda MT 50cc, it was in 1985, I was in France and my dad told me to go and buy myself a motorcycle helmet before returning home to the Ivory Coast. I quickly understood that having a helmet meant that a motorbike was waiting for me back in Africa. I learned to change gears very quickly and starting jumping right away. After two months the jumps were getting higher and higher, so much that the rear wheel axle was bent and couldn’t be removed!

Q. What was your motivation to ride when you first started ?

Shortly after, I got my first motocross bike, a 1983 CR125. There was a very steep learning curve, so much power and suspension in comparison to my little MT50cc. I always liked to excel at what I was doing, and learning the art of trajectory to maintain a high speed, jumps etc, it was all about trying to learn the perfect technique and the stopwatch was the unforgiving judge. We spent a lot of time taking photos and filming, analyzing every bit in slow motion. Six month later during my second race I beat the person that was sitting in 2nd position in the national motocross championship, it just kept on getting better and better from there. Luckily I was also designing the tracks and the jumps were getting bigger and bigger, and much more technical. Other competitors did not really appreciate that, but it was the only way to push yourself and progress to the next levels.

Q. If you had to pick one what is your greatest achievement apart from completing The Dakar ?

Apart from racing four Dakar Rallyes, I would say without a doubt that my greatest achievement and own personal conquest was fighting food poisoning during the 2006 Sertoes Rally in Brasil. It is a 6,000 kms race over 9-days. On day-2 I ate something bad and caught food poisoning. I lost 8kgs (18lbs) unable to eat or drink anything for the following four days. One of those days I raced for 21 hours straight vomiting every 30 minutes in my helmet, I got so dehydrated that I started to swallow my own tongue and had to get IV fluid from the medical helicopter in the middle of nowhere. So many people in villages helped me continue, trying to feed me fruits and oranges but nothing could stay in. I was so weak physically racing in 45 degree (115F) heat. When I finally crossed the finish line at the end of the 9-day race I became a much stronger person. I had won over myself physically, mentally and emotionally – and realised that Dreams Do Come True if you want them bad enough.

Christophe Barriere-Varju Brasil  - Tiger Tracks

Q. What is your dream bike or do you already have it ?

My dream bike would be a dual cyclinder 700cc with about 100hp, fully automatic, with extremely low center of gravity with front and rear suspension adjustable from the handlebar. I don’t think it is too much to ask in terms of new technology nowadays. In the meantime, my hand built factory 700cc Dakar Bike is the best bike I have ridden in rally, that is the one featured in the Award-Winning Film, Dream Racer.

Q. What is is like to ride the GAR ?

I did not ride the GAR yet, I would like to but I think I will have to go off road a bit more and turn up the speed to enjoy spending 3 weeks on the bike. Instead Stuart Ball asked me to be the Ambassador for the Event. It was a great event that I highly recommend for people enjoying simple off road, camaraderie, and breathtaking Australian landscape from East to West.

Q. What’s in the pipeline to do next and have you got an “Ultimate” challenge yet to do ?

Dream Racer was a big commitment, not just the preparation, the race, making the film and its ongoing promotion. Luckily the Dream Racer story turned out to be one that could not have been scripted better, except that there was no script — it is a film that everyone owe themselves to watch, and maybe more than once or twice. It will make you realise not only what life is about, but ask you the fundamental question “what is it that you have done in your life that makes you say, YES I am happy to have lived such a life.” It is a very powerful film.

From the success of the film, we have launched the Dream Racer Clothing & Apparel brand as well, we are starting with t-shirts that people can purchase online (www.dreamracer.tv) and selling to retailers as well.

Parallel to the film and clothing, I will be pushing the envelope a bit further in my next challenge. Again no script, I will attempt to race the Dakar Rally and other major races such as the China Grand Rally and the Africa Race in a single seater buggy but without a co-pilot that helps you navigate or get out of the soft sand, the difference is that I will be adding an extra bit of difficulty to that already difficult challenge — I will perform my own mechanical assistance every night without outside support. As far as I am aware, no one has ever done that in those events before. It will be an incredible effort to pull this off and I would personally like to invite like-minded companies to share this new adventure as partners and sponsors, just have a look at what we pulled off with Dream Racer and imagine what Dream Racer II could be like as a source of inspiration and motivation — it is not just racing, it is much deeper than that — a story is a good story if it touches the human core.

“You know, as far as I am aware we only live once, it can be a long life or a shorter one — so we may as well live to the fullest and not have any regrets!” Christophe.

To see more about Christophe and his endeavors with Dream Racer please visit www.dreamracer.tv

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