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Casus 2012 – USA Ultimate Coast to Coast

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“Riding the Tiger” Key West to Alaska & Back 2012

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see:  https://www.facebook.com/Casus2012  for full details of the ride below.

Casus 2012 Route

Casus 2012 Route

Michael Anker - Riding the Tiger on The Dalton Highway

On the Dalton Highway with fractured left ankle and still 280 miles to go back to Fairbanks !!

The Journey up there – from Key West to Death Valley and one of the lowest and hottest places on Earth, then all the way up the California Coast through the Giant Redwoods and on into Canada, through the Yukon, into Alaska, over the Arctic Circle to the Top of the World – a few of the pictures…


The Journey back across Canada, into Idaho, over the Rockies (again), across the plains, around all 5 Great Lakes to the most Easterly Point in the USA and then back down Route 1 and the Outer Banks to Florida – a few more pictures…


It’s hard to put 15,986 miles into just a few pictures (1,500 taken) but here they are….