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2013/2014 Deer Collision Information for The USA State by State.

This Map Below Shows the Odds You’ll Hit a Deer Driving or Riding in Each State

Red = High Risk - Green = Medium Risk - Brown = Low Risk

Red = High Risk – Green = Medium Risk – Brown = Low Risk

How does your state or where you ride rank?

These probabilities come from an annual State Farm report about deer-vehicle collisions across the US. State Farm determines the likelihood of deer-vehicle collisions in each state using insurance claims data.

The regions with the highest risk of deer-vehicle collisions are the Appalachian states, the Midwest, and the Southeast. The state with the highest risk is West Virginia, which has a higher risk this year than it did last year.

These 5 states have the highest risk of deer-vehicle collisions:

1 – West Virginia = 1 in 39

2 – Pennsylvania = 1 in 71

3 – Montana = 1 in 75

4 – Iowa = 1 in 77

5 – South Dakota = 1 in 82

* In Michigan in 2009, there were 61,486 reported vehicle-deer crashes, with ten fatalities. All ten people killed were riding a motorcycle. 

“Most” Deer – Vehicle collisions happen between Dusk & Dawn

Beware Deer Crossing !!

Beware Deer Crossing !!

* Tip – If a Deer runs out in front of you Break (under control) and Steer towards it’s Rear, remember Deer don’t usually go backwards !!

“Ride Safe – Be Aware, Be Alert & Stay Alive”


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