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Servicing, Repairs, Customizing & Storage in Los Angeles CA

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Sakowski Motors of Los Angeles California can not only offer Motorcycle & Classic Car Hire and Tours but also all of the related services as seen below

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The Car or Motorcycle of your dreams, If you can dream it, we can build it. From a quiet and reliable daily driver your mother could safely tour the country in without any “special instructions”, to a wheel standing creation that scares you to drive it.

Classics, customs, motorcycles, sell, buy, trade, consignment, find your special vintage ride or if you must by a late model – we can find you that high quality vehicle for you. We are not “slick salesmen” but we know quality and integrity.                 Auto Brokerage services also available.

Original specs restorations to restore your custom car or bike.

Oil change to engine overhaul on your special car or bike.

Custom one off grills, dashes, etc. frame/suspension/drive train swaps and fabrication installation of : air conditioning, big brakes, air ride, fuel injection body modifications: chops/channeling/metal/fiberglass/etc wiring/electronics art: car themed custom furniture etc.

Car or motorcycle extreme care and understanding of classics and customs.

Long or short term motorcycle, classic trailer, classic or custom car inside well ventilated, safe, secure and dry warehouse, maintenance routines available
pick up and delivery of vehicles also available.

If you have a question about anything or need help when you are in the area please contact us

Wil Sakowski
11014 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90304

Tel: +1  310.978.9558

E-mail: info@sakowskimotors.com

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