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Motorcycle Batteries – Life & Maintenance

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Below are questions and answers relating to the battery life of Motorcycles and how to maintain the batteries to extend the life & performance, plus other battery related issues.


Question: What is the average life of a Motorcycle Battery

3 – 5 years in average temperatures and with average use, Some batteries may last as long as 8 years with regular “Trickle” charging while the bike is not in use.


We asked Anton from Rent a Tiger in Barcelona Spain who runs a fleet of Triumph Tigers his opinions on battery maintenance and if the factory fitted battery brands are the best to use when the need for replacing arises.

Hi Michael

Concerning your question, I keep using the standard batteries. I think those Yuasa are good quality, can’t complain at all so far. Must say that we disconnect them when there are only a few rentals and the bikes must remain parked for several days. In the cold months (not very cold in BCN, to be honest) I do also check the voltage and keep the batteries under “maintenance” charge. 

I’d recommend those having many electrical accessories to do the same; installing a switch to disconnect the battery could make thinks a little bit easier.

If it is very cold, I would avoid turning on all the accessories at the same time just after starting the bike. Give the alternator some minutes to put some extra charge and then turn on those that take more power (i.e. heated grips, long distance lights, etc).

Rent a Tiger Spain - Tiger Tracks - Anton


Just my two cents. Best from BCN,


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