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Triumph Fuel Gauge Faults

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Problems with the fuel gauge on Triumph Bikes

Triumph Gauges - Fuel Gauge Faults - Tiger Tracks

We have had several riders ask about problems arising with fuel gauges on their bikes, it would seem that the bars on the gauge don’t work or are slow in operating and sometimes unpredictable !! which is not good when riding long distances

I actually had the same problem after switching out a battery on my 2012 Tiger 800 XC and it had happened once before after the first service at Hap’s Cycles in Sarasota Florida.

There seems to be a problem with the ECU “Resetting” itself to calculate the readings for the gauge which is a two part (one traditional float & two computer fuel flow) system. First thing is if you notice or suspect a problem is top up the tank and set your trip recorder back to zero that way you know you have 200 plus miles to run. It also seems common that the Low Fuel warning light still works correctly !!

In my case and on both occasions patience was the cure, check the fuses first then take the bike for a ride, run the fuel down low and then fill the tank. You will hopefully see the gauge start to register after a few miles, if not select a low gear and run at some higher revs to get a bigger flow to register through the Fuel Management System.

If you try the above first, add some patience and hopefully all will be good and you will save yourself some money. Most of all be patient, use the trip recorder and carry a small can of gas with you on a longer run like an MSR camping fuel bottle that holds a quart or so.

Triumph Fuel Gauge Faults - MSR Fuel Bottle - Tiger Tracks








Ride safe – Michael @ Tiger Tracks

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3 thoughts on “Triumph Fuel Gauge Faults

  1. Rob

    It would appear that Triumph has a major problem with the fuel guage on several of their models. They refuse to acknowledge this.

  2. C Slater

    My 2017 Speed Triple S has started to not reset properly after a fill up. Problem started at about 2,000 miles. Since new the instant and avg mpg has been 20-30 % too high.
    In comparison my 2015 Street Triple avg mpg was only off about 1 or 2 mpg when measured carefully filling to exactly same point at same pump.
    I mentioned this to their phone support and they just blew it off.

  3. C.Lobert

    I also have the same issue with my fuel gauge on my 2014 Tiger 800xc.. started it up after sitting the season and no bars showing on the fuel gauge.. several gallons of gas in the tank! Wish Triumph would acknowledge this issue !Might just trade it in on a Honda African twin..They stand behind their products!

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