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Why Motorcycle “Travelers” need Global Rescue

Global Rescue medical and security memberships enable our members to control their fate in an uncertain world. By providing world class medical and security response, advice and evacuation, help is only a phone call away. 

Emergency Medical Evacuation Worldwide 24/7 365 days a year

Because healthcare in much of the world is either poor or nonexistent, Global Rescue provides the medical and security expertise combined with an ability to deploy our own professionals to the exact location of your emergency. We empower our members to decide where and when they want to be transported, giving them a higher likelihood of a positive outcome. When the emergency is far from civilization, Global Rescue can send field rescue teams to where our members need us most. When a natural disaster strikes or political turmoil escalates to civil unrest, members who have upgraded to Global Rescue’s security membership can be immediately transported home safely.

Global Rescue is the only emergency response service that will rescue you anywhere in the world and bring you home to safety and your choice of hospital.

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The choice is simple: health insurance, travel insurance, platinum cards, and SOS hotlines will only transport you when THEY decide it is necessary, and then only to the “closest appropriate” hospital or location. With Global Rescue, you choose where and when you’ll be transported. No other emergency response or evacuation membership service compares.

“World Motorcycle Travelers finally have the ability to reclaim control of critical decisions regarding their medical care”   Daniel L Richards Chief Executive Officer Global Rescue

Tiger Tracks have partnered with Global Rescue because we have experienced first hand what it is like to be thousands of miles from home and hundreds of miles from civilization when urgent medical help is needed – for your peace of mind see what Global Rescue can offer you for your next trip across the Country or around the World, we are sure that you will be pleased you made this critical decision.

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