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Airfreight Shipping for your Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Express has been shipping uncrated motorcycles via airfreight between North America and Europe for over 15 years. Using a custom designed motorcycle pallet to ship the bike, customers have the opportunity to ride their own bike when touring abroad. We are “The Experts” we don’t ship anything else !!

Shipping Motorcycles between The USA, Canada & Europe

Why Air Freight

Air freight and ocean freight international shipping are two of the most commonly used moving services by international shippers. Moving motorcycles internationally demands tremendous knowledge and experience.

Generally sea freight is cheaper than air freight but it is also slower and less predictable. It will depend on your financial and time constraints and your propensity for risk.

1. The journey time is much less with an airplane than a cargo ship. There is less chance the airplane will be diverted to collect other cargo.

2. Container shipments are exposed to climatic conditions. Water currents and harsh weather might cause unforeseen delays.

3. It is easier and cheaper to get vehicles off planes and through customs at airports than it is at sea ports.

4. Air freight shipments are delivered to the nearest International airport which tends to be far more accessible for our clients.Shipping by ocean means getting your cargo to a loading warehouse close to the port of origin which creates one more step in the process.

The sea freight companies have a delivery time of between 5 and 8 weeks. The air freight companies have a delivery time of between 1 to 3 days.

With our airfreight shipment you drop your uncrated motorcycle off at the airport 48 hours prior to departure and the bike is scheduled to arrive the NEXT DAY! You are now ready to begin your journey!!!

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Motorcycle Express Contact Info:

Tel: 1-516-682-9220 prompt 3 or Toll Free                 1-800-245-8726 prompt 3 (within US/Canada)

E-mail: info@motorcycleexpress.com

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