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Dirt Bike Training – California

Learn to ride Dirt Bikes in the Mojave Desert with ADMO

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Learn to ride – Ride to improve!

We offer the following courses in California / Nevada

Dirt Bike School – Beginner – LA

“Learn to ride and ride to improve”

is the ADMO motto to teach you how to ride a motorcycle. After each lesson, with drills around sets of cones, your instructor will let you experience real off-road riding situations. Whether you just want to try riding a motorcycle for a day or you are a newcomer who wants to learn the fantastic sport of dirt bike riding, this basic rider course will provide you with well-rounded instructions based on your goals.

Dirt Bike School – Intermediate – LA

For existing street and dirt bike riders!

This one day intermediate dirt bike training is the next level following our beginner course. Designed to offer existing street and dirt bike riders a glimpse into the Californian recreational off-road riding scene away from motocross tracks. Abiding to our motto “Learn to ride and ride to improve” we maintain an itinerary to put you newly acquired skills into practice during some real trail riding scenarios following drills to reinforce previously learned skills.

Dirt Bike School – Advanced

Safety and fun at the dirt bike training!

An accumulation of dirt bike skills are required to blast safely and with maximum fun through rough terrain beyond graded roads and prepped motocross tracks. This advanced class is a follow-up to our intermediate dirt bike training and improves your existing dirt bike skills. The class is conducted by the motto “Learn to ride and ride to improve”. So we will add a large amount of off-road riding even without roads and trails. It’s a great skill builder and refresher course for any intermediate off-road motorcyclist!


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