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Off-Road & Adventure Motorcycle Training with Nicaragua Moto ADV

Nicamoto Riding Intro Course - Tiger Tracks

Nicamoto Weekend Riding Course - Tiger Tracks
The NICAMOTO & Country Trax off road motorcycle training academy, offers off road training courses for all makes of enduro, dual purpose and off-road motorcycles, suited for beginner and intermediate motorcycle riders.

By providing you with a combination of the basic theory of dual purpose and off road motorcycling, and lots of practical demonstrations and exercises, our academies and instructors ensures that you get the highest standard of motorcycle training, that will assist you to become a better, safer, off road motorcycle rider.
NicaMoto Training Stitch - Tiger Tracks
What makes us different ? Firstly, our main focus is on the person, then the training, then the motorcycle and lastly whatever we can do or add, to improve the person. Secondly, we only allow small groups, 6-8 riders per instructor. This ensures a hands on approach, with lots of individual attention.


Adventure Motorcycling Riding Courses

NICAMOTO with adventure traveler Salvador Carlucci (seen above) presents you this unique course on Motorcycle Adventure Riding. This course is designed for the motorcyclist who wishes to explore the world, a continent or just take a long journey on a motorcycle. In this course we will cover the following:

Off-road riding techniques (see more here)

Planning and preparation for the long journey

Picking the right bike and preparing it for your journey

Protective gear and repair equipment

Life on the road and things to consider

Sharing your journey e.g. blogging

Financing your journey

The course is a combination of self learning, class room lectures and on the motorcycle exercises. The course is tailored to the individual students and includes outside the classroom support. If you are interested in this course then contact us.

These are unique courses, not only will you be learning new riding skills and polishing existing ones but you will exploring a fantastic location with friendly like mined people who enjoy Motorcycles, Adventure and Riding “A perfect way to spend a vacation” so come on down and let us show you paradise on a bike.

To see full details of Nicamoto’s Rider Training courses follow this link to Nicamoto ADV Training

For full information on all aspects of our unique services please contact us by:

Nicaragua Motorcycle Adventures, Calle Paseo del Amor, Managua, Nicaragua.

Call us on: +505-8979-2339 (Nicaragua)

E-mail us: info@nicamotoadv.com


We look forward to welcoming you to NicoMotoadv Adventure Bike Training.

Please remember to mention “Tiger Tracks” when you contact us

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